By staring at walls adorned with kissing lizards and epitaphs of doom I sat as a Yorkshire schoolboy fast developing a taste for airbrush art. The walls belonged to a classroom and the epitaphs to its keeper, a design teacher known only as Koot.

Standing at over six feet tall and possessing a stare stonier than the many cobbles making up the school driveway, Koot had made a name for himself designing record sleeves for rock bands in the late ’70s. Unbelievably, upon being approached by my terrified and inquisitive young self, he agreed to sacrifice his sacred lunch hours so that I could learn from him the disappearing secrets of this dwindling art form. Suffice to say, rural Yorkshire could only hold me for so long after that.

The final school bell rang and I made my way to Leeds Met to study Graphic Design. I strayed away from the airbrush and developed a taste for screen-print and vector illustration. I now work from a studio in East London; with my compressor chugging away I’m back on the path Koot set me on all those years ago.